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Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans: A Post-Mortem


The season started off to a shall we say, unwanted start. Despite a well played game by Special Teams and Defense, injuries to the offensive line reared their ugly head time and time again.

Passing Offense:
Garrard put up good numbers despite almost no real protection. He went 23/35 for 215 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTS. The two INTs are definetly a concern, however, how much of that was a result of constantly being hit and shoved around.

Grade: C-

Rushing Offense: Wait we had one, the stats straight from are as follow

Taylor 9 attempts 18 yards

Jones Drew 5 attempts 13 yards

THIS IS PATHETIC! I didn't see a run beyond a yard unless Fred or MJD had to break half a dozen tackles. Hopefully Shack Harris is on the phone with every free agent offensive lineman with a pulse.

Grade: F--

Passing Defense: Great effort today up until the idiotic call my Williams to blitz and led to the big play on the screen play. Young only threw for 110 yards and the defense got 2 picks.



Rushing Defense: The Titans spread the field to run and did it effectively. Chris Johnson used his speed effectively and Reggie Nelson made an outstanding open field tackle at one point that kept Johnson for going all the way.


Special Teams: Like the Passing defense, great all day until the very end. Witherspoon gives us a viable threat to go all the way. Podlesh did his job well today aswell. However, the miss/not missed kick by Scoobee and the failed onsides kick mar the effort.

Grade: B

Coaching: I actually thought the coaches did a good job with adjusting and doing what was needed. We needed to throw often and towards the second half we begun to slow Johnson down somewhat.

Grade: B-

Overall: It is desperately apparent we need offensive lineman. The unit has been decimated with injuries and the Titans D-Line shoved them around like it was nothing. Hopefully things are rectified by the time we go to Indianapolis.