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Monday Morning Hangover:Week 1

Most of my thoughts on the Jags-Titans was covered in the Postmortem,  Personally, I still have the Kool-Aid in hand, but will definetly be wondering if I need to spike it more depending on the Buffalo game.

As for the rest of the NFL

-The sound you hear is that of the league schedule makers gasping at the thought of Cleveland getting 5 prime time games. If yesterdays game against Dallas is any indication of the season, the Browns are not living up to the hype.

-Reggie Bush did well today in New Orleans victory over Tampa. However, this is what he has always done best. The day he gets the "Bust" talk removed completely from the conversation is when he can take a run in between the tackles.

-If Brady is out for more than a week or two, the AFC playoff picture is radically different.

-Rejoice Jaguars fans, the whole AFC South sucks.

-Calm down Jets fans, you were playing the Dolphins. Favre is still going to make your team better, but I doubt they get above 8-8.

-To anyone who still thinks the Jaguars should have traded for Jason Taylor, did you even watch the game Thursday night?

Play of the Day: Easily the Carolina Panthers winning on the last play at San Diego.