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Quick Bytes: 1/12/2009 Edition



-With Joe D Dallas bound and Gregg Williams currently looking at other positions, another big hit may occur to the Jaguars coaching staff. Rumor has it that Bill Parcells will endorse Mike Tice for head coaching vacancies this offseason.

-The last remnants of Shack Harris' front office were cleared out over the weekend. It appears now the Jaguars front office will be totally Gene Smith and Jack Del Rio guys.

-In addition, the previous article mentioned that while Del Rio has promised not to fire any assistants, no extensions have been offered either.

-It appears once again Jacksonville Municipal Stadium will be sponsor less again next season. With a disappointing at the gate attendance for the Gator Bowl, for the 3rd consecutive year the only two events to reach "Full" capacity there will be the Florida-Georgia game and everyone's favorite, the annual Monster Truck Rally.

-For those of you who have access to Playstation Home, I recommend making a trip to the recently added "EA Sports Complex." Both because it seems to be the only thing in Home actually worth checking out at the moment and because they gave the Jaguars some serious love with MJD's commercial for Madden 2009 on the main screen and Taylor and MJD's jerseys both hanging up in the gallery. Sadly no screen shots.