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Senior Bowl – Who will catch the Jaguars attention?

Jack and the staff will be coaching the South team in this year's Senior Bowl.

Having that close-up view, there are a few players who might draw their attention. Here is my list of guys Jack and crew will notice.

North Team

William Beatty the 6-6 291 lb Offensive Tackle from Connecticut. With UConn Running Back Donald Brown gaining 2,000 yards, someone was busting open the holes. William Beatty is a great run blocking tackle and a decent pass blocker. If the Jaguars want to trade down, they can still get Beatty later in the first round and add a couple of picks later. Beatty needs to show pass blocking ability but he may break into the first round with a good performance.

Max Unger the 6-5 299 lb Center from Oregon. Max Unger has earned All-Conference honors in every season, two as a Left Tackle, two as a Center. In all, he has started 51 games for Oregon. He is known for his good technique, versatility in multiple position, and endurance. Max may show he is a great second round prospect.

Rhett Bomer the 6-2 220 lb QB from Sam Houston State. The former Oklahoma QB that was thrown off the team in 2006. He has the arm strength, size and mobility to possibly develop into an NFL QB. Rhett is a second day selection and may show enough to be that "development "QB we all talk about.

Victor Harris the 5-11 186lb CB from Virginia Tech. Victor is a possible CB or Safety in the NFL. , He is known as a hitter but the Jaguars will be looking at his speed and coverage skills. If he performs well here he could be our "lucky" second round pick.

South Team

Jack Del Rio will re-live his college days with all of the USC's starting linebackers on his team. After coaching Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews it is hard not to imagine one of them being drafted into the Jaguar squad. Jack played his college ball with Clay Matthews's uncle Bruce. On draft day Rey Maualuga may be there at #8, Brian Cushing may be available at the start of round two and Clay Matthews at the start of round three. It is a good thing Gene Smith has the final word or all three might come, maybe that isn't all bad.

Herman Johnson the 6-8 380 lb Offensive Guard from LSU. It will be hard not to watch Herman, you can't miss him. As a baby, he was 23 inches and 15 pounds at birth. What may surprise the Jaguar coaching staff is how nimble he actually is. If he shows run and pass blocking, he may be our third round selection.

Chip Vaughn the 6-1 220 lb SS from Wake Forest. The Jaguars suffered from poor tackling in the secondary and were susceptible to plays to the tight end or running back. They don't have an enforcer with an attitude and a punch. Chip Vaughn may demonstrate his renowned pop and get himself penciled in as a strong fourth or fifth round prospect.

Jack and the staff are looking for two things; players that can protect David and players that can play aggressive hard hitting defense. This year's draft has plenty of offensive linemen and linebackers. Watch for Jack to come back all pumped up.