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Jaguars DB Coach Donnie Henderson is Out

After making a bold proclamation that no coaches would be relieved of their duties, another coach has left the team. At this time it is unclear whether Donnie was fired or if he resigned. Nevertheless, the Jags now have 7 coaching positions to fill. Def. Coordinator, Secondary, Special Teams, Assistant WR, Def Assistant, and 2 new Strength and Conditioning coaches. It's unclear if there was a falling out between the two headstrong coaches, or if this was an amicable split. The fact that Del Rio made it a point to say no one would be fired causes questions like this to be raised.

It's unfortunate that Donnie had to go, but the DB corp regressed as a whole and our new free agent didn't pan out. This move (in my opinion) virtually guarantees that the Jags will give Florence another year and pay his roster bonus. The team will likely want to see if he can continue to develop under improved tutelage. Henderson was touted as a fiery coach who was going to focus on teaching the players to make better reads on the QB. Unfortunately, the complete lack of a pass rush combined with a few injuries all contributed to the steep decline in the performance of our cornerbacks, and Donnie is taking the fall.

This move may have something to do with the team wanting to bring in Mel Tucker of the Cleveland Browns as new DC. Mel's expertise is in the secondary and I believed from the start that if he came Donnie would go. Well, Donnie's gone, and I wouldn't be too surprised if we got word in the next few weeks that the team has hired Tucker. This is purely speculation on my part, but it makes perfect sense.

Of all the coaches to lose, I just wish we still had Joey D... Man, that Cat could coach some special teams!