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Choose your own Scouting Report: Defensive Prospecting


Choose your own Adventure: Terrifying books for children...

Better Know a Scouting Report: You Decide

It's time for your humble narrator to get his head back in the game. The NFL Scouting Combine is just around the corner and with that we've got to start taking a preliminary look at who the Jaguars may consider. I'm hoping to travel to Indianapolis to cover the combine, though due to the costs of travelling, I may have to pass. Going to the Combine last year was fantastic, but times are tough.

Anyhow, what I'd like to do is a little poll to see who you'd like to see featured in my world famous "Better know a Draft Prospect" series. Today, we're starting with the defensive prospects. These are not all first round picks. It's going to be somewhat easy to identify the first pick of the draft considering that we're the 8th overall pick, so I'm more concerned with identifying later round prospects. I'm also embracing the "BAP" philosophy, so I'm being diverse in the positions.

So here's how this works, I'm going to list six players with a spot of information about each. You, the reader, vote in the poll and I'll do a full scouting report on the top two. If you don't like any of the six players, feel free to post your choice in the comments and I'll pick the player mentioned the most from the comments for an additional report.

So go vote!