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Dr.FSBA or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Offseason

Having finally run out of beer and friends long enough to get away from the blackhole known as Rock Band 2, these thoughts have been ringing in my head.


Offseason Wish list

1. MJD signed to a long term deal: I don't care, but if MJD heads into camp and it's his last year as a Jaguar, I mean it'll be his last year as a Jaguar. Between marketability and extra $$$, some big market team would make an offer the Jaguars simply couldn't match.


2. If our 1st round draft pick doesn't have Oher, Smith, or Monroe on the back of their jersey, we better not be anywhere near the 8th pick. As it looks like BJ Raji is the front runner for Chris to do a "Better Know" segment on, I think he would be a terrible fit for the Jaguars. He's a 3-4 NT, and could very well be the best prospect for the position in the last few years. However, he wouldn't be a good 4-3 DT because of his size and relative lack of speed.


3. Don't spend money unless we get a return: AKA, don't throw big money contracts to guys who don't deserve it. Let's be honest, in no way did Jerry Porter, Florence, or Brian Williams deserve the deals they got. Let's get better at free agency.


4. MJD to get the Madden 2010 cover: We can dream, right?


On the coaching hirings

Excuse me while I go get rid of the excess bile. Call me crazy, but I think storm clouds are brewing for the Jaguars. Since Gene Smith has been promoted GM, Jack Del Rio has all but assumed control of any and everything he could get his hands on. I'm not sure if Del Rio is still trying to make a power grab or what, but I don't like the looks of this. Hopefully he and Gene get along, but I think JDR is still bitter by not securing the top spot, if just by proxy, after the departure of Shack Harris.

In other news

I hate to bring the topic up, but with the commotion of the Chargers recent hiring of a LA marketing firm. I believe it is safe to say the Jaguars will be staying in Jacksonville for the time being. With a new stadium in LA scheduled to be completed about the same time the Chargers exit penalty drops from 52 million to 25 million, I think the writing is on the wall.