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The Jaguars, the Utes, the playoffs and other Saturday Night musings


The season has been over for awhile now, and now that we're safely removed from all of it, I think it's safe to assume the following things.

-Minnesota, we would like that draft pick back for Troy Williamson

-Jerry, I think you would have been a better first round pick in 2000 than R. Jay Soward, but by that standard, a voided pick would have been better as well. Also, congratulaions on perhaps the highest salary to catch ratio in history.

-If Fred Taylor wants to skip town and try to get a Super Bowl ring, I wouldn't hold it against him. He gave this franchise the prime years of his career, and I think we owe him that much if that's what he wants.

-I'm sure there's one man at the top of the Jaguars food chain right now. However, I'm still not convinced that man isn't Jack Del Rio. It will be interesting to see how this offseason unfolds. One big difference though between the fallout from the 2000 season and 2008, the salary cap devil isn't sticking his trident in the fire getting ready for us.

-If none of the 3 Blue chip LT's(Monrow,Smith,Oher) are at #8, I don't think there's another position where we could match need and value. Maybe Malcolm Jenkins or Aaron Curry if he falls, but that isn't out biggest concern. Call me crazy, but what of trading back and picking up Missouri WR Jeremy Maclin.

-Albert Haynesworth? No, Hell No, and lot's of other four letter words No.

-In preperation of the inevitable, when the 'Boys cut TO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Congratulations to the Utah Utes on winning the Sugar Bowl, and in the process, I think striking the biggest blow in the Berlin Wall-esque divide between the BCS and non-BCS conferences. This wasn't the 2004 Utes squad that took on a Pitt team from the recently raided Big East, or the Boise State team that, while they dominated Oklahoma for 40 minutes, everyone remembers the back yard plays that won them the game.

They took it to the Crimson Tide, and perhaps in their biggest accomplishment, weathered the Tsunami like shift in momentum when Bama pulled within 21-17 to win 31-17. While it may not get a playoff yet, I think this win will finally get a mid major a shot at the national title game, especially in a year like this when we were debating between all 1 loss teams. Utah took out 3 teams that will likely be in the final AP Top 25 in the regular season, and now Alabama and the only undefeated team in Division 1-A. Sorry Gators and Sooners, but if I had an AP vote, I know who would be my #1 team on the final ballot.



I'm sorry, but I think enough is enough with division title winners getting to automatically host playoff games. I think they should get an automatic spot, but cases like today, where a 9-7 Arizona hosted 11-5 Atlanta and 8-8 San Diego is hosting Indy(Who would have thought the day would occur I would be defending the Colts) something has to be done. If a Wild Card team is 2 games ahead of the division champion, I believe it should be allowed to host the playoff game instead.

That being said, congratulations to the Cardinals. If I was going to pick the biggest rout of the weekend, I would have put money on the Falcons running rough shot over Zona.


Random Predictions

Oklahoma Sooners 35 Florida Gators 31

NFC Title Game

Eagles 24 Panthers 17

AFC Title Game

Steelers 27 Titans 17

Super Bowl

Eagles 28 Steelers 24