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Negative vs. Positive Part I Jack Del Rio

Positive vs. Negative, it permeates our thinking. We see it in the posts, Shack Harris is ok, Shack Harris must go, Derrick Harvey is ok, and Derrick Harvey is a bust. I find these thoughts in my own thinking as I debate with myself. So why not bring it out in the open and debate it online. Let's have a discussion. Here is the first of my Positive/Negative viewpoints starting with Jack Del Rio.

Positive Angel_5_medium

Jack Del Rio is an angel and here's why:

• He turned a 5-11 team around and took them into the play-offs two of the next four years.
• After the turnaround season of 2003, he went 40-24 through 2007.
• He won despite mediocre drafting and lack of star power given him from the front office. He worked miracles.
• He is upbeat optimistic and knows the game well. He is a former pro-bowl player who can relate to players.
• He asks for and demands the best. He never lowers his standard.
• He is honest, smart, and upstanding. He is a good man to the core.
• Now with a good GM, he will show what he can do with good players.
• Jack Del Rio is a top line coach and we are lucky to have him.

Negative Cute_devil_2_medium

Jack Del Rio paints a better picture than he really is:

• Twice, in 2006 and 2008 he lost control and his team fell apart.
• His overall record is 50-46, not inspiring.
• He is engaged in power plays and was instrumental in getting Shack Harris removed.
• He has been right there at the table in every draft and FA decision.
• He won with Tom Coughlin's team.
• He fires more assistant coaches than anyone and deflects blame.
• He is not a man to be trusted or lead a team to a Super Bowl.

So which is it? Is Jack the man or is Jack the part of the problem? I have mixed feelings. What are yours?