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Quick Bytes: CLICK FOR CANS!

Quick Bytes: The  digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars (and other things).

: Don't forget to "Click for Cans", if the Jaguars win Campbell will donate 18,000 cans of soup to the Second Harvest Food Bank of North Florida.  So click away!

: Tom Williams, Assistant Defensive Coach under Jack Del Rio, will be leaving the NFL for sweater vests and yachting since accepting the head coach job at Yale.  (H/T to SamJags)

: Rufio904 posted this 5 days ago, but it's now official that Joe DeCamillis will join the Dallas Cowboys as their special teams coach.  Joe brought fire and intensity to the Jaguars special teams and I think he'll be missed.  Brian Sexton on Jaguars This Week reported that the team made a "fair offer" to DeCamillis, but nobody can compete with the Cowboys when it comes to contracts.  Joe coached with Wade Phillips in Denver and Atlanta, though I don't know that I'd attach my career to anyone under Jerry Jones.

: The Jacksonville Jaguars will get a sneak peek at the 2009 Draft Class while coaching in the Senior Bowl.  Hooray for extra time with potential draftees!