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Game Recap: Seahawks 41 Jaguars 0

If you never read my article Jack Del Rio on trial, or have forgotten it, I would suggest giving it a glance before continuing on with this. The Jaguars have always had consistency issues since Del Rio has become head coach. With the exception of the second half of 2007, a big win is followed by a face planet, only to be followed by another teaser. This game is just the most recent, and perhaps most blatant, example of that happening.

When Charleston Southern left Gainesville, they at least got a $500,000 check for their ass whooping. What do the Jaguars get for this humiliation? Far more questions than answers and a big fat goose egg.

I've been the one fence sitter in the group, but now I firmly believe Jack Del Rio needs to go. His career record now sits at 52-49 and that speaks for itself. The Jaguars will forever be an enigma, ready to join the Colts and Patriots one week, and then the Lions and Raiders the next if he stays on as head coach.

As for the game itself, is there really anything that needs to be said? Well, the little matter of Mike Sims-Walker deactivation. However, I really don't care at this point, unless it was for something truly facepalm worthy. It wouldn't have mattered if we had deactivated Jerry Rice for this game.

The Jaguars had 38 rushing yards on 15 attempts. Throw out Jones-Drew's 18 yard run early on, and that is 20 yards and 14 attempts. That's right, a team that prides itself on being physical averaged 1.4 yards per attempt on the ground today. Jones-Drew has been a non-factor the last two weeks, and that needs to change soon.

However, the main failure of this game falls on David Garrard's shoulders. That was easily the worst game from David since the Titans game in Week 15 of 2006.

The winds of change are going to be coming strong this week. The Emperor will surely be displeased and we know what happens when he is displeased

-Jonathan Loesche


This just in, Quentin Groves was in a hit and run on his way to the airport Friday. I'm not pyschic but I know exactly what one of BCC's headlines will be Monday.


Michael Wright (via his twitter account) has stated it wasn't the ustream that got Mike Sims-Walker deactivated for the game Sunday. That mean's almost certainly a curfew issue.

(Also, bonus points to anyone with good PhotoShop skills to shop Gene Smith onto either Xerxes from 300 or Palpatine)