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Jacksonville Jaguars Collapse in the Trenches

Well, the Jaguars lost horribly yesterday to the Seahawks. I really don't know what to say about the utter failure of the lines to make an impact at all. Those calling Derrick Harvey a bust can no longer be legitimately retorted. Unless he begins a drastic change and starts showing improvement, which isn't likely, then he'll finish this season with a similar number of sacks to last year (3.5). It's becoming apparent that the Jaguars lost their best defensive lineman when Heyward went down. Harvey was up against a man promoted from the practice squad, and got little to no pressure against a pass-first team. Inexcusable. That's all, just totally inexcusable. Not everyone played horribly, but the lack of pressure was the main issue here, as coverage wasn't horrible besides a few blown assignments. When you have that kind of time, you will complete throws, that's a fact. An NFL QB is not going to throw many picks or poor passes unless they are under pressure.

David looked bad, but in my opinion, the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the offensive line. Tra Thomas started the game, which many fans have been clamoring for. Well, you got what you wanted, an old, slow, veteran stop-gap who was beaten badly early. He was replaced by Monroe, whom the Seahawks immediately targeted. Monroe responded by playing as he has all season... inconsistent. That's the issue, the QB's blindside was routinely attacked in successful ways early on. Once the Seahawks had a comfortable lead, we saw less blitzing, but still pressure routinely got to Garrard... inexcusable. 

The Jaguars' running attack apparently didn't make the plane ride to Seattle, because there was virtually no interior movement from the guys we count on to push the pile, as Jones-Drew's only decent play was a run outside the tackle. This isn't Jaguar football. Andy Heck and Ted (drop-dead) Monachino, have some serious work to do this week to bounce back against the winless Rams. Sigh.

Props to Jack Del Rio for sitting MSW, that's what you do when someone breaks team rules, you dock them a paycheck and don't let them play. Suspended for one game. Done, and message sent. This is a rebuilding year, and the team obviously thought they were better than they really are, which isn't all that unexpected given they're so young, and were coming off a big win. Don't call for JDR's head over that, it happens. Now, If you see it happen again this year after a big win, then I might stand beside you wondering why Del Rio didn't rectify this problem. Young teams act young. Del Rio will have them grown up real quick though. 

At least we play the Rams next...

-Collin Streetman