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Debuting Big Cat Country Radio

Good news, Big Cat Country is going to be launching a weekly internet radio show, creatively named Big Cat Country Radio. The first official broadcast will be Wednesday, October 21st at 11pm EST. The program will be 1 hour long and is still something of a work in progress, though our obvious goal is to make it another weekly fixture for all Jaguar fans.

However, even better, BCC will be having a Special half hour test run tonight at 11pm Eastern. Chris, Collin, and I will be hosting. Even better, the show will be a call in show, meaning you get to speak to all of us live on the air if you wish! *crickets*

So, how do you get to listen. Head on over to and make sure to be there at 11. Then you just click on the link that says BigCatCountry Radio test and you'll be able to listen live. Also, we'll have a chat room open, so make sure to register with Blog Talk Radio if you want to be a part of that.

Some other FAQ answers

1. We will be archiving each episode and they will be available to export onto your computer, iPod, mp3 player, and anything else free.

2. We're working on the start time. When BTR makes their next set of dates available we will try to get the start time a little earlier. The hopeful start time will be 10pm Eastern.

3. No, you don't have to register to just listen.

-Jonathan Loesche