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Leading by Example: Jack Del Rio versus Seattle Seahawks Punter Jon Ryan

I mentioned this on the BCC Radio Show last night, but Jack Del Rio decided to "fire up the troops" by cursing at Seattle's punter Jon Ryan.

Read for yourself:

"It was just kind of crazy, man. Jon Ryan was out there punting, and I guess he may have been in Jacksonville's area. And he (Del Rio) just grabbed the ball and threw it and was like, 'Get the [expletive] on your side of the field.' "

Now, this didn't make for a grudge match or anything like that. Houshmandzadeh was clear about that.

"I think he was just trying to get his guys pumped up. It didn't work," Houshmandzadeh said. "I like Jack Del Rio, though. He's a former player. I like him as a coach. Those are the type of guys that wish they were still playing and wish his guys had the intensity that he played with. He was just trying to get them fired up. It's not a big deal. I thought it was kind of funny, disrespectful, but a lot of coaches do a lot of different things to get their guys pumped up. "

Really?  Acosting the Punter is considered "getting their guys pumped up?"  It sounds like the actions of a desperate bully.  Not to mention that this sort of behavior looks really insecure after a 41-0 beatdown.  Seattle didn't really need much in the way of punting anyhow, if Jack had wanted to make a statement, how about going and punching Matt Hasselbeck in the ribs, that might have at least done something.  (Please note, I'm not actually advocating punching any injured player).

Your thoughts?