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Groves and Sims-Walker possibly on the trading block?

First, thanks to Surteal for bringing this to BCC via fanshot


According to this story on PFT, Quentin Groves and possibly Mike Sims-Walker are being shopped around by the Jaguars in hopes of finding a suitor before the October 20th trade deadline. With Quentin Groves, I can understand the team's willingness to find a trade partner now. Groves' incident while heading to the airport last Friday was his most headline worthy action since being drafted by the Jaguars in 2008. With his demotion to 3rd team, it is clear that Groves has a tall mountain to climb with this team.

This is compounded by the fact the Jaguars are now running the 3-4 (the defense that Groves was projected to coming out of Auburn) and has still been a non-factor. Would a team be willing to trade for Groves at this point? Well he's still very young and in the hands of a team that could actually run a 3-4 scheme, he could be useful as a rush linebacker. Still, I wouldn't expect more than a 5th rounder or similar marginal player in return for him.

Mike Sims-Walker on the other hand, I really can't fathom why this team would put him on the block except to further make an example out of him over his own Seattle incident. Sims-Walker has a minor screw up, so let's trade the guy who was looking like the second coming of Jimmy Smith? It makes perfect sense to me *sarcasm*. Unless we got two first rounders in return, I really can't see the advantage in trading Sims-Walker.

More on this as it unfolds

-Jonathan Loesche