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Q&A with Music City Miracles

I had a chance to speak with Jimmy Morris, head of Music City Miracles, about this Sunday's game. Here is his insight into the game Click here for my Q&A with Jimmy about the Jags

1. Since starting 10-0 in 2008, the Titans are 3-7. Why the dramatic slide?

Honestly because they haven't played as well when they started 10-0.  I know that sounds like a simple answer, but it really is true.  This team, even at it's best, has a small margin for error.  They have to do all of the little things really really well, and they haven't been doing that over the last 10 games.

2.Will the Titans need to turn to Vince Young again if Collins doesn't regain the form he had early in 2008?

Well by the time Fisher acknowledges that Collins hasn't returned to form it will be too late. At that point they will turn to Vince Young to see what he has got and to audition him for other teams. I don't think Vince will ever be the guy for this team. If the Titans get to the point where they have no shot at the playoffs they will turn back to VY just to see if he has anything to offer.
3. The TItans return 10 of 11 starters on defense, yet they don't look like the same team. Was Albert Haynesworth really that dominant?

Haynesworth is the most dominant defensive tackle in the league so his departure has obviously hurt, but the defensive problems run a lot deeper than just that. The secondary, which sent 3 guys to the Pro Bowl last season, has been horrendous thus far. Nick Harper is done, and the rest of their guys have forgotten their assignments at times this season. I think they can get it fixed, but it won't be easy with a rookie starting opposite Harper and a rookie starting at nickel this Sunday.

4. Is this a "Must win" game for the Titans?

Absolutely. Making the playoffs right now is a long shot, but it is pretty much impossible from 0-4 with the Colts and Patriots coming up before the bye.

5.How are the Titans rookies doing so far?

It looks like it was a good class. Kenny Britt has already contributed more than any rookie receiver here ever. Jared Cook was exciting in the preseason but has been banged up so far in the regular season. He is supposed to be full strength this week for the first time. Ryan Mouton looks to be a good nickel back but not so good at returns. You will get a good look at Jason McCourty filling in for Cortland Finnegan on Sunday. The only disappointment so far has been 2nd round defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks. He hasn't been active for a game yet.