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Comcast presents Jaguars Red Zone analysis

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The Jaguars had a fairly rough week in the red zone against the Rams. The Jaguars scored three touchdowns and a field goal in six trips. However, a  Jones-Drew fumble and an interception almost cost the Jaguars the game. The Jaguars had a 50% touchdown efficiency, which needs to be brought up as the season unfolds.

For the season, the Jaguars red zone statistics are

Jones-Drew 42 points
Scobee 24 ponts
Sims-Walker 18 points
Garrard 6 points

Maurice Jones-Drew has had 27 attempts for 69 yards and 7 touchdowns through 6 games inside the red zone. David Garrard is 10-20 for 94 yards, 3 touchdowns, and one interception inside the red zone. Mike Sims-Walker has had 5 receptions for 55 yards and 3 touchdowns inside the red zone, and is the only Jaguar to have more than one reception inside the red zone.

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USA Today