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Game Preview Week 8: Tennessee Titans Offense vs Jacksonville Jaguars Defense

Tennessee Titans (0-6)
Week #8
Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)



Date: November 1st, 2009
Location: Nashville, TN
Time: 4:05 PM EST
Stadium: LP Field
Favorite: Titans -3
Radio: Click Here Over/Under: 44
Mid 50's, no chance of rain
Injury Report:
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SBN Coverage: Music City Miracles Coverage Map
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In case you haven't heard yet, Tennessee owner Bud Adams commented that he wanted Vince Young to start once again for the 0-6 Titans. The Titans offense has been woeful this year, sans rookie WR Kenny Britt and RB Chris Johnson. QB Kerry Collins was resurgent and looked the best he had since leading the Giants to the Super Bowl in 2000 last season. However, Collins has thrown eight interceptions and only five touchdowns, with a QB Rating of 62 so far this season.

As a unit, the Titans offense ranks in the bottom third of the league in points per game (14/27th), yards per game (310/22nd), and 3rd down conversions (36%/20th). The Titans offense hasn't scored a touchdown in eight quarters and hasn't scored a touchdown with the game on the line in four games.

Jaguars Defense Four Game Summary

Week 3 vs Houston Week 4 vs Tennessee Week 5 vs Seattle Week 6 vs St.Louis
Plays 59 67 71 53
Yards Allowed 397 379 379 262
YPP Allowed 6.7 5.7 5.3 4.9
Rush Plays 22 19 40 18
Rush Yards 111 95 143 55
Rush YPP Allowed 5.1 5 3.6 3.1
Pass Plays 37 48 31 35
Pass Yards Allowed 286 284 236 207
Pass YPP Allowed 7.7 5.9 7.6 5.9
Points 27 17 41 20
Turnovers 2 3 0 1


One of the things that stood out to me when I was typing in the stats for the Jaguars defense was that, on the surface, the game against the Seahawks wasn't that bad. That game featured several miscues on Special Teams and Offense that sank the game before the defense finally caved in themselves.

One thing that is a good sign for the defense has been the fact they have been getting their yards per play down every game. Granted, they haven't gone up against the best competition, but the goal for any defense should be under five yards and they finally accomplished that against the Rams.

Tennessee Titans Offense Four Game Summary

Week 3 vs NY Jets Week 4 vs Jacksonville Week 5 vs Indianaplois Week 6 vs New England
Plays 69 (See Jaguars defense) 57 50
Yards 286 245 186
Yards Per Play 4.1 4.3 3.7
Rush Plays 30 21 36
Rush Yards 127 90 183
Rush YPP 4.2 4.3 5.4
Pass Plays 39 36 14
Pass Yards 159 155 -7
Pass YPP 4.1 4.3 -.5
Points 17 9 0
Turnovers 4 2 5
TOP 27:22 26:22 21


The biggest thing that jumps out to me about the Titans is that they're still a very solid running team. They've let to average lower than 4.1 yards every time they run the ball, and yet they still put it on Kerry Collins' shoulders to win the game. I understand there are some durability questions about Chris Johnson, but I thought LenDale White was supposed to be Thunder to Johnson's Lightning.

In fact, our brethern at Music City Miracles have spoken on the issue of LenDale White's use, or misuse in the offense. It is just one on a multitude of problems for the Titans offense this season. White is the perfect back to compliment Chris Johnson in the offense. He allows Johnson to sit out short yard and goal to go situations that would otherwise help shorten his career. Or at least that would be his logical role. However, White has not gotten the ball nearly as much as he has in the past, leaving people scratching their heads.

Jaguars Pass Defense vs Titans Pass Offense

What happens when an object that can't move itself go against an object that can't repel? We'll see this Sunday. The Jaguars and Titans are each in the bottom third of the NFL in their respective passing categories. If Bud Adams has his wish, then the Jaguars will get Vince Young under center, which will only help the Jags efforts against the pass.

Young has never had great passing stats, let alone coming in cold after spending over a year on the bench. However, he will have rookie sensation Kenny Britt to throw to this year. Britt has been one of the few positives for the Titans this year and could pose problems for the Jags secondary.

The biggest issue facing the Jaguars secondary is the potential loss of Rashean Mathis due to a finger injury. If Mathis has to miss the game, that would certainly mean rookie Derek Cox will have to play on the right side of the defense. This would be a major test for the young corner and an indication of how far he has come this season.

The other question would be who would come in at left corner. There has been a multitude of talk involving Reggie Nelson moving to corner and starting Sean Considine and Gerald Alexander at the safety positions. If there was a game that this lineup wouldn't back fire, this is most likely it.

Jaguars Run Defense vs Titans Run Offense

Anyone who watched the first game between these two teams remembers the only time the Titans offense looked in sync was when they gave the ball to Chris Johnson. Johnson has been the only consistent thing still for the Titans offense, averaging a remarkable 6.3 yards every time he touches the football.

However, as I said previously, LenDale White hasn't been seeing the carries he had been seeing earlier in his career. The explanation for this has never truly cleared up and it is only going to hurt the Titans run game down the stretch.

The Jaguars front three has been exceptional so far this year. Lead by rookie nose tackle Terrance Knighton, the front three has been doing a good job containing the run so far this year. The last two games have been their best, allowing under 3.5 yards a rush.

-Jonathan Loesche