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Jaguars Power Rankings Summary

Ok, I admit, I've stolen this from several other blogs. However, I think it's a good idea for no other reason then it gives us something to talk about. Here is where the media ranks the Jags right now. 20

If the Jaguars can go into Tennessee and keep the Titans' misery going for another week, then come back home and take care of business against the Chiefs in Week 9, I'd be willing to declare 5-3 Jacksonville the first half's most surprising winner. Alas, I'm getting ahead of the story. Let's let Jack's Jaguars do their thing first.


They come out of their bye week with a chance to get over .500 if they can beat the Titans. The Chiefs come to Jacksonville after that, so 5-3 is possible.


Walter Football:22


Fox Sports:20

All three Jags fans should hang in there, because if their beloved team can avoid stumbling against the Titans and Chiefs the next two weeks, Jacksonville would be 5-3 heading into a trip to play the Jets in Week 10 with a chance for a signature victory to launch a possible playoff run.

Vic Ketchmen:21

Schedule is favorable.


The newest challenge for a young, learning team: handling a rematch against a squad (Tennessee) it's already beaten. (Kuharsky)

National Average: 20