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Comcast Presents: The Jaguars not so Comcastic First Half Red Zone performance




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The Jaguars were one for two in red zone attempts against the Chiefs. Maurice Jones-Drew scored a ten yard touchdown while Josh Scobee missed a field goal attempt. On the year, the Jaguars are 12 for 23 in the red zone.

The Jaguars need to get better with converting red zone trips into seven points. When teams like Indianapolis, New England, and Pittsburgh go into the red zone, it is assumed that they get into the end zone. The Jaguars need to have that same mentality.

The biggest issue for this team has been red zone turnovers. The Jaguars have had four red zone turnovers in the first half of the season. Factor in the blocked FG against Arizona, and the fourth down stand against Seattle, and the Jaguars have had 6 trips into the red zone that have resulted in no points.

Think about that, if the Jaguars make 4 trips into the red zone in a game, the odds say they'll only get 17 points out of it. Two touchdowns, one field goal, and one negative possession.

This leads me to topic I forgot to mention in my Grades and Awards post the other day. The biggest thing that has been dragging this team down is turnovers. The Jaguars are -3 in turnover differential half way through the season. Part of that is due to David Garrard throwing four interceptions in the last two games. However, it is also indicative of a team that adds unneeded pressure to win games.

Let's look at those red zone goof ups and see how they affected each game.

Blocked FG vs Arizona

If Things Go Right: It is 10-6 Arizona. Not the best scenairio the Jaguars want to open at home, but it is still a ball game

What Happened: A blocked FG that was returned for a touchdown. It made the score 17-3 Arizona and with the way Kurt Warner was throwing the game, the words Game Over might as well have shown up on the scoreboard.

Fumble vs Tennessee

If Things Go Right: The Jaguars punch it in for a touchdown and effectively shut the door on the Titans.

What Happened: David Garrard fumbles, leaving the door open for the Titans. However, the door is effectively shut two drives later.

Fourth Down Stop vs Seattle

If Things Go Right: Depending on your thinking, the Jaguars take a 7-3 lead or tie the game at 3-3. They are in the game and surviving a loud Seattle crowd.

What Happened: A bad play call and a throw away by David Garrard. The Jaguars never seriously threaten again.

Fumble vs Seattle

If Things Go Right: We don't get shut out, yay!

What Happened:  Garrard fumbles again and the Jaguars proceed to be handed their worst loss since 1995.

Fumble vs St.Louis

If Things Go Right: The Jaguars take a 14-7 lead and don't let the miserable Rams hang around

What Happened: Maurice Jones-Drew fumbled the ball and it remains at 7-7. The Rams go on to take the lead and Jacksonville wonders if it will be the laughingstock of the NFL.

Interception vs St.Louis

If Things Go Right: The Jaguars take the lead and can quit worrying about losing to the Rams.

What Happened: David throws it to a wide open James Laurinitis and the Jaguars can officially worry that they'll be the "lucky" team to break the Rams streak.


With the exception to the fumble against Tennessee, all of these had a direct impact on the game and either cost the Jaguars a win or kept a game much closer than it needed to be. I firmly believe if the Jaguars manage to get that touchdown against the Seahawks, that is a much different ball game.

As Collin mentioned before, the Jaguars have the tools to be successful in the red zone. So why aren't they?

-Jonathan Loesche