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Big Cat Country Radio 11/11/2009



WHERE: Click Here

Call-in Number: (646) 478-3939

First, Happy Veteran's Day everyone! To all the veterans who read BCC, thank you for your service. To everyone who is still active, stay safe and return home to your families.

On the program tonight, we'll discuss the Jaguars 24-21 win over the Chiefs. Have the Jaguars turned the corner on defense going back to the 4-3, or is KC that bad? How does the team look at the halfway point of the season? Best and worst of the first half, and much more!
On the guest spot tonight, JohnB from Gang Green Nation joins us to discuss the New York Jets. How has Mark Sanchez been performing so far? How do the Jets match up against the Jaguars? Is the phrase "Cover 2 Man" even in Rex Ryan's vocabulary?

Join us tonight at 10pm!

-Jonathan Loesche