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Quick Bytes: 11/16/2009


Bill Belichick made wrong call in Patriots-Colts game - Peter King -
Peter King says the Jaguars are riding Maurice Jones-Drew's cape.

The Jets are all talk; the Bengals are A-OK in the North - Don Banks -
Don Banks applauds Jones-Drew's play and says the Jags are for real.

Weird, Disjointed Win Lifts Jags To 5-4 - Sports News Story - WJXT Jacksonville
Sam Kouvaris says the Jaguars looked in control and completely out of it almost at the same time in Sunday's 24-22 victory over the New York Jets.

Wrap-up: Jaguars 24, Jets 22 - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Paul Kuharksy says the Jaguars seized control at the end, did what they needed to do to win at the Meadowlands and moved to 5-4.

Competitive Jones-Drew unaccustomed to not scoring |
Maurice Jones-Drew isn't the kind of back who likes to take a knee at the one but he is a team player above all. Expect some healthy debate on this site on that play later on in the week.


Critical drive for Jaguars trumps criticism of David Garrard |
Michael Wright says that David Garrard came up big when it counted most, and that trumps everything.

Jaguars deserve your attention |
Gene "Gremlin" Frenette says that this team deserves the attention and support of the community.