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Clint Ingram: A rusty cog that needs changing

Clint "Country" Ingram, the Jaguars' LB known for devastating hits, had this to say about the team's defense.

"We need to match them, it's obvious."

No, Clint, what's obvious is that you need to match them. 

Attention to the linebacker formerly known as Clint Ingram: You should be a well-oiled, hard-firing piston for the defense. Instead, you've been a rusty cog that has hardly lived up to expectations. I don't blame you for playing poorly in that infernal 3-4 scheme, you clearly aren't built for that kind of game-plan. However, last Sunday's game against the Jets was inexcusable. Let's review a few plays that led to the Jets continuing their second drive (After the int).

Few plays into the drive, 1st and 10 on Jacksonville's 25 yard-line. Clint is lined up on the line of scrimmage, the Jets in an I formation. Knighton and Henderson are both easily blocked, Pot Roast is spun around, but Clint is left un accounted for off the edge. He misses the tackle.

Next play, 2nd and 5 Jacksonville's 20 yard-line. Jag's in zone, throw to the Slot in the flat at the 19, Clint comes running into the view of the camera and... stops?!? Seriously, he stops in his tracks and waits for the ball-carrier to come to him, allowing the first down. That's entirely on you Clint, and there is no excuse (part of the reason Mr. Allen took your place for a while starting the next drive). 

Poor play in the 4-3 defensive scheme is not what we expect from you. You've been part of the reason our run defense has been successful, and you were fair against the pass coming out of college. Neither has been the case this season, and the latter hasen't been the case since your second-year. Either your speed has altogether faltered, or you're over-thinking plays. I'm hoping it's just because you have been forced to learn so many defensive alignments and responsibilities as the Jaguars continue their yearly defensive coordinator carousal. 

I know you realize you played far and away your worst game of the season Sunday, and it was only compounded by the fact that it was predominantly in the 4-3 defensive front, which suits your style and build. The hesitation has got to stop. You can have only one mind-set... No, not win... Never win... Only kill. That's it. Kill.

Stay quiet, or call out your own abhorrent play.

Since you did neither, We're calling you out, you impostor. Whatever you've done with Clint Ingram, we want him back playing LB this week in Duval. We've got a game Sunday, just in case it wasn't on your calendar.


The 46,000 Fans Attending Sunday's Game.