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Comcast Presents: The Jaguars not so Comcastic Week 8 Red Zone Performance

This post is brought to you by Comcast and the NFL Redzone Channel. Want to see every score from every game? NFL Redzone let's you see all of the most exciting parts of the game.

The Jaguars put up a giant goose egg in the Red Zone this week. The Jaguars did not get within the Titans twenty yard line unless it was Maurice Jones-Drew crossing it in route to one of his two long touchdown runs. In fact, it took the Jaguars almost thirty eight minutes to make it into Titans territory not counting Jones-Drews' two runs.

The Jaguars had a grand total of 49 plays on offense and were doubled up by the Titans in time of possession. The even more concerning stats is that when you take the two big TD runs, the Jaguars averaged an abysmal 3.6 yards per play. To put that into perspective, the Oakland Raiders have the worst offense in the league and they still manage to get four yards per play.

However, what bugs me the most is that everyone is coming down on Dirk Koetter for the game plan he put together against the Titans. Tennessee had easily the worst pass defense in the league, and the Jaguars ran a similar scheme to what they ran against the Titans in Week 4.

While there were certainly some calls that made me shake my head (Rashad Jennings out of the shotgun on 3rd and 3 anyone?), the Jaguars devised a game plan that had until yesterday managed to torch the Titans defense every week.

The difference between that game and yesterday was the play of the offensive line. The line was rock solid at home, only to collapse on itself yesterday in Nashville. The Titans registered four sacks and constantly had David running around or on his back.

With the exception of Jones-Drew's two plays, the offense was terrible all around, no matter what. I hate to assign blame anywhere, but I agree with Terry that the offensive line was the root cause of the offense's struggles Sunday.

-Jonathan Loesche