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Hopefully this West Coast trip ends a little better

The last time the Jaguars went out to play a NFC West team was Week 5 against Seattle. The Jaguars were riding a two game winning streak and had just pounded the Titans 37-17. However, the 48 hours that preceded the game against the Seahawks were some of the worst in Jack Del Rio's tenure.

Quentin Groves was involved in a mutli-car accident while on his way to the airport with seemingly a new story coming out every hour about what exactly happened. Mike Sims-Walker was deactivated for being late to the team hotel because of fraternizing with a lady friend. Jack Del Rio cussed out Seattle's punter in the pregame, and the team proceeded to eat it's worst loss since the 1995 expansion year.

That game followed with a squeaker over the Rams and another blowout loss on the road to the Titans, and could be described as the darkest part of this season. Now the Jaguars are riding a three game winning streak and are leading the AFC's Wild Card race. Let me say that again, the Jaguars are leading the AFC's Wild Card race at Thanksgiving.

So then, will the Jaguars get their first win in the Pacific Time Zone since beating Oakland in Week 17 of the 2004 season? I'll let you know what I think later in the week, but I will say this. I don't expect the same mistakes this team made in Seattle to happen in San Francisco. This team had a wake up game against Buffalo and I expect them to come out sharp and prepared.

-Jonathan Loesche