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Jaguars Scouting Locations This Week

Chris Steubuer of is reporting the Jaguars will have scouts at the following games

Florida-Florida State




The Gators and the Seminoles have been the two most scouted teams for the Jaguars this season, so it is little surprise that the Jaguars will have a scout at that game.

This will be the third USF game the Jaguars have been to and are reportedly very high on DE George Selvie and S Nate Allen. This is I believe the third Tennessee game the Jags have been to.

This is the first time the Jaguars will have a scout in person to see Miami, Rice, Kentucky, and Houston. Kentucky CB Trevard Lindley is a confirmed player of interest. In addition, Houston QB Case Keenum, OLB Tyrell Graham, and Brandon Brinkley are targets.