Wind Sprints - Week 11


With a rare free moment I thought to throw these out for fodder.

  • So the Love Roller Coaster appears to be bringing entertainment to all as it flys down at break-neck speed. Tell me this year's team is more like the best relationship you ever had. You know it is.
  • Watching David Garrard and Aaron Rodgers play this year has given me a greater respect for the will to win.
  • I hope Mel Tucker and Jack Del Rio learned that blitzing will make this defense better.
  • I hope that Rashean Mathis and Justin Durant are 100% for games against the Colts and Patriots so they don't have to blitz as much.
  • I still have the picture of the less than half empty stadium in on December 26th, 2004 when the Texans came to town and shut out the Jaguars, ending any playoff hopes. Rabid fan base?
  • Chris Johnson makes Vince Young better.
  • Vince Young is better.
  • I am terrified of what New England might do to the Jaguars.
  • Tyron Brackenridge got beat by a great wide receiver. Cut the guy some slack.
  • Why do I fear the 49rs? Because historically the Jaguars are abused by good TEs.
  • I am shocked by the Jaguars effectiveness on 3rd down this year.
  • Derrick Harvey may not be the speed rusher the Jaguars wanted but the kid plays great assignment football. He stays home and makes plays.
  • Maybe Derek Landri should have stayed at his weight. Get that kid back down to 280 and let him use his speed as a situational DT.
  • I love it when Maurice Jones-Drew blows kisses to the crowd.
  • The words "luck" and "bust" are so misused by fans and media they should be disallowed in any football discussion.
  • Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake deserve every penny they are paid. They should also have weekly spots on SNL.
  • Best shows on television, in order: Fringe, Lie to Me, The Mentalist.
  • The guys in the booth for ESPN's Monday Night Football are the best I have heard in years.
  • This one won't be popular, but I'm done with cheerleaders at professional football games. They serve no real purpose and are subjects of possibly the worst conversations I have ever heard.
  • So glad I was correct on Cutler.
  • Still angry I was wrong on Jared Allen.
  • The Colts game in Jacksonville will not be blacked out.
  • Jerry Jones would have been one hell of a Ceasar.
  • At this point in the season I'd vote for a three team, double elimination playoff for league champion between the Colts, Patriots and Saints.
  • There is no winner in the Manning versus Brady debate. It is like arguing which would I rather date, Megan Fox or Jessica Biel.
  • Marcedes Lewis deserves a 50 catch, 800 yard and 6 touchdown season.
  • He also deserves to have the drops moniker removed.
  • What I want most from this year is to have the Jaguars not pick in the top 15.
  • Why does it matter how much a team wins by?
  • If Jack Del Rio is coach of the year he owes the media gratitude for setting the bar so low.
  • I don't know about you, but my beard stays until the season is over.

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