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We haven't seen the full power yet!

I have finally decided what is frustrating me about the 2009 Jacksonville Jaguars. They won't unleash their full power.  I have witnessed every home game game and watched two of the away games.  The knockout power exists.  It exists in unimaginable quantity and it it time to bring it out.  Let's look at the Jaguars last three games and compare them to this weeks rival, the San Francisco Forty Niners.

The Buffalo Game.  On offense, the Jaguars are on the Bills 11 yard line, settle for a field goal.   In the next series David throws an interception giving the Bills an easy field goal.  Later in the game, the Jaguars drive 65 yards to the Bills 21 yard line only to fumble the ball away. On Defense, the Jaguars give up a record 98 yard touchdown.  Without that play, the Bills are held to 250 yards and 10 points all day.  The results of what I document is Bills 9 Jaguars 3.

Unleash the full power... Touchdown at the 11 yard line, no interception, touchdown instead of fumble, take away the TO 98 yard play.  We change from Bills 9 Jags 3 to Jaguars 14 Bills 0 with a full power final Jaguars 29 Bills 9. This becomes a knockout performance.

The Jets Game. On Offense, the ball is on the Jets 31 yard line, the Jags are stalled and Scobee misses the field goal.  Later in the game, Quentin Groves intercepts and falls at the four. Maurice fumbles at the one, no score.  The defense was fine with nothing more expected.

Unleash the full power... Field goal good, touchdown instead of fumble. Full power final Jaguars 34, Jets 22. Another knockout performance.

The Kansas City Game.  The offense was fairly efficient with two exceptions. The Jaguars on KC 35 yard line, Scobee missed the field goal.  Later, the Jaguars are on the KC nine yard line and settle for a field goal.  The defense was the group that held back.  Kansas City accumulated 301 yards of offense with 145 yards coming in the last 4 minutes.  They were held to 155 yards total offense for 56 minutes of the game!  That is a knockout performance.

Unleash the full power... Make the field goal, get the touchdown, and shut down the last four minutes. Full power final Jaguars 24 KC 0. Another knockout performance.



San Fransisco at Green Bay. Green Bay is up 30-10 with 11 minutes left in the game. San Fransisco has 210 yards offense up until that point and in garbage time they accumulates another 100 yards and two touchdowns.  They were blown out by Green Bay as the Packers accumulated 484 yards of offense.

San Fransisco vs Chicago.  The Bears cross into Forty Niner territory 8 times.  Twice they throw red zone interceptions. Three other times, while in Forty Niner territory, they throw the interception.  Despite giving the ball away 5 times, Chicago generates 350 yards of offense.  The Forty Niners generate 216 yards of offense and win the game.  Truth is, they were blown out and had a rare lucky win.

San Fransisco vs Tennessee. It is 34-20 Tennessee with 2 minutes left in the game. It had been 17-10 San Fransisco at the half. The forty niners had generated 202 yards of offense. In the last 2 minutes of the game, the niners generate 75 yards of offense in garbage time to finish with 358 yards.  In short, they were held to 80 yards in the second half and 3 points when it mattered.  Once again, they were blown out, but not until the second half.

Overall Conclusion?  The Jaguars can be a much better team than the Forty Niners. They have more power and have been on the verge of destroying their opponents. The Forty Niners have been completely dominated in their last three games. They are barely a team.  Take away the garbage time yards and they have trouble generating 250 quality yards a game.  What does this add up to?  Another close Jaguar game, Jags 24, SF 21. I wish the Jaguars would unleash their full power.