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Jaguars to send scouts to UF-Vanderbilt game this weekend

Per, the Jaguars will have scouts in attendance at the Florida-Vanderbilt game this weekend. In addition, the Buccaneers, Cowboys, Rams, Chiefs, and Dolphins will have scouts in attendance.

Who will they be looking at? Tim Tebow is the obvious answer here, though there are plenty of other NFL prospects in the Orange and Blue.

Carlos Dunlap, DE-Dunlap is an incredibily gifted, though raw defensive end.

Joe Haden, CB-Haden has been looking good so far this year and may be the first corner taken in a draft where Safety's are stealing the secondary spotlight.

Brandon Spikes, LB-Probably the best 4-3 linebacker in the country right now. I believe he'll get the most looks from the Jags scouts of the big name prospects.

Mo Pouncey, G-A massive junior guard who may be the best interior lineman in the country. If he elects to come out he'll clearly be the best guard in the draft.

Anyone know of Vanderbilt players who the Jags may look at?