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Touchdown Jacksonville aims to "Revive the Pride"

In a press conference today, the group Touchdown Jacksonville announced plans to launch a grassroots effort to help the team with ticket sales. Touchdown Jacksonville was the group that originally launched Jacksonville's expansion bid, and more importantly, sold more than 10,000 club seats in 1993 to keep Jacksonville's hopes for a team alive.Carl Cannon and Tony Boselli are expected to be the major players in this movement.

No real specifics were given out as to what the group plans on doing, but it's still good to see. Expect to see more on this when some actual events are announced. I'll be waiting to see what kind of impact this has. Groups such as Our Team Our Town and True To The Teal have been doing an excellent job of raising awareness in the city. Hopefully with the Jaguars backing and Boselli as the face, Touchdown Jacksonville can work a second miracle.