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Comcast Presents: How not to play red zone offense


This post is brought to you by Comcast and the new NFL Red Zone channel. Catch every touchdown from every game, only on NFL Red Zone.

Quick Note: Sorry for nothing new on Monday. I was about 1/2 way through an article on the offensive line before I decided it was a dead horse and I should leave it alone.

Four red zone possessions, three points.

Four red zone possessions, three points.

This is the baffling statistic that has been going though my mind since Sunday. By sheer dumb luck, four possessions should net any NFL team 9 points. But no, the Jaguar saved their best red zone performance of the season for when it mattered most.

On the year now the Jaguars have scored 16 touchdowns, 9 field goals, and have a mindblowing 11 negative red zone possessions. Just chew on that for a minute, in 36 possessions this season, the Jaguars have only scored on 25 of them. Almost one in every three possessions in the red zone results in no points for the Jaguars.

I'm done trying to assign blame as it's been a collaborative effort, with missed FGs, fumbles, interceptions, there is plenty to go around.

So then, how do we attempt to fix the issue?