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Jaguars Scouting Locations This Week

Chris Steuber of is reporting the Jaguars will have a scout at the Arizona-USC game this Saturday. As of now, nothing else has been said on what (if any) other plans the Jaguars will have scouting wise this week. Be sure to check back if things change.

The Jaguars are reportedly very interested in USC S Taylor Mays and Arizona CB Devin Ross.

Mays entered this year in a virtual tie with Tennessee S Eric Berry as the best secondary player in college, but a bad year by Mays has made that decision easy.

Devin Ross is a 3rd-5th round guy who has plenty of potential.  He has been the Wildcats #1 corner for three years and has played well each of the last two after having a sophomore slump. He reportedly runs a legit 4.4 40, and we all know how Cox's 40 time got Gene going,