Wind Sprints - Week 12


You don't know failure until you fail, right? Let's see if this is interesting the second time around.

  • Of the many things the Jaguars did to annoy me this past Sunday, it may have been the play of Julius Williams that ranks first. Watch the TD pass to Vernon Davis. There were multiple instances where Williams did not play disciplined football.
  • If you're an ESPN Insider check out Adam Schefter's solid article: Jaguars unlikely to leave Jacksonville. If you're not an Insider I'm sure you'll find a way to read it for free.
  • He thinks Jacksonville should be removed from the "LA list".
  • For those of you who are basking in the public humiliation of Tiger Woods, do you feel better about yourselves?
  • I'd like to remove the Patriots from my three team playoff list and add the Vikings. I left them off because I was convinced Favre's age would hurt the Vikes like it did the Jets. Are they piping pure oxygen into that dome?
  • Did anyone notice how many times the announcers named the wrong player during the game? When your team is losing the last thing you need is something else to get you angry.
  • The problem with late games after we "fall back"? Hard to do yard work in the dark after a loss.
  • Good to see Hines Ward apologize for his comments regarding Roethlisberger sitting out due to a concussion.
  • Vince Young may have led the drive of the season.
  • One of the things I like about Big Cat Country is that I very rarely (if ever) see a loss blamed on officiating.
  • But man how do you not call the late hit\horse collar on Garrard?
  • I'm thankful I'm not a fan of the Browns, Bucs or Rams.
  • My dad raised me as a Lions fan and by God I will proudly wear my Lions gear.
  • As Goliath as the Saints are playing, I think the ways in which the Colts manage to win games makes them more dangerous come playoff time.
  • In the offseason I expect Cowboys Stadium to be filled with water so they can re-enact great historic naval battles.
  • If you haven't done it in the past, adopt a family for Christmas. If you're tight on cash pool your funds with friends and family.
  • At one point during Sunday's game I was going to get up and grab a beer but was afraid Patrick Willis might tackle me.
  • Most criticized Jaguars defensive players? Nelson and Harvey. Ironic that they led the team in tackles.
  • I don't care how porous the offensive line played, with David's ability to scramble he needs a better feel for the pocket.
  • There is a Vince Lombardi quote for any situation in life.
  • Anyone else hoping Fred Taylor is healthy when the Jags visit?
  • For those of you who want JDR gone, Tom Coughlin may be available after next season if the Giants keep this up.
  • I liked the new uniforms when they were unveiled this summer. I like them even more now.
  • The Titans blue on blue is still the ugliest in the NFL.
  • I'm no talent scout but I sure do love C. J. Spiller.
  • Man has Percy Harvin shut up all his critics.
  • The Blind Side may be one of the best sports movies, or so I'm told, but I can't imagine anything topping Miracle. I have too much of an emotional connection to that experience as a child.
  • I hope Ernest Wilford has another 6 good years in him and he retires as a Jaguar.
  • - Brian Fullford

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