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Top 10 Prospects to Watch: Bowl Game Edition

As the bowl games approach, we have one last look at players before they begin the endless parade of underwear practices until April. The Jaguars have had an entire season to send scouts to see players who they want to bring in. Now, who should you be looking at in the coming weeks?

1. Brandon Spikes, MLB, Florida

Spikes has been on the Jaguars radar for some time, and may well be the BAP when the Jaguars pick in the middle of the first round this April. Although the Jags missed out on the USC linebackers, they'll have an oppurtunity to nab another great one in Spikes.

2. Case Keenum, QB, Houston

Keenum has been steadily growing on the Jaguars, culminating in a visit a few weeks ago. Depending on how things go for Keenum, he could launch himself into the 2nd-3rd rounds of the draft. However, he is still a Jr so he may elect to stay in school for another year in hopes of launching himself into the first round.

3. George Selvie, DE, South Florida

The Jaguars have been to several USF games this year, and in each they have looked at Selvie intently. Although Selvie has been dropping since his monster 2007 season, he is still a very good pass rush threat. While many draftniks peg Selvie as a 3-4 OLB, the Jaguars must feel differently about him.

4. Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest

The Jaguars are high on Ghee and paid him a visit a few weeks ago. Ghee is the exact opposite of former Wake corner Alphonso Smith. Ghee is a large safety who keeps everything in front of him rather than the undersized, ball hawk Smith was.

5 Pat Angerer, LB, Iowa

The Jaguars have scouted a few Iowa games, but I don't have the fainest idea of who they're looking at. Angerer is a solid guy who could grow into a solid MLB while contributing initially on Special Teams. He was also the receptient of the Big 10's 2009 Outstanding sportsmanship award, something I'm sure Emepror Gene would like.

6. Greg Hardy, DE, Ole Miss

The Jaguars have been to several Rebels games and Hardy is another player who could help the Jaguars. While our last experience with taking a defensive end in the first round hasn't panned out as we've hoped, the second time might be the charm.

7. Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

Williams is a solid DT who the Jaguars have seen up close a few times this year. Right now he is currently grading in the 2nd round, but we'll see where he ends up.

8. Taylor Mays, S, USC

Mays was one of the last first round possibilies the Jaguars took a look at and may be available when the Jaguars pick in the first round next year. With questions still a plenty in the defensive secondary, will the Jaguars dismiss his subpar senior year?

9. Kris O'Dowd, C, USC

Another Trojan, O'Dowd has been coming on as of late and may show enough to warrant him starting his rookie year. It is becoming clear the interior of the offensive line is in need of the same make over the tackles went last April.

10. Myron Rolle, S, Florida State

While he's not technically in any bowl games, Rolle's decision to come back to football will be interesting. He was thought to be a first round pick in last April's draft before deciding to attend Oxford. If he falls past the 2nd round simply because he might have some bad workouts, he'll be a steal.