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Dolphins @ Jaguars: What to watch for

A huge game approaches, accompanied by a playoff atmosphere not seen since 2007. Nothing matters except winning at any cost. Physicality must be king. The Dolphins are the very definition of a smash-mouth team; they're built by longtime personnel genius, Bill Parcells. They are in the playoff hunt for the second consecutive year under Tony Sparano, and are playing meaningful games in December. Think they'll be fired up? We better be too. That being said, here's some things to watch for during the game.

- Look for Witherspoon to return more kicks. Mike Thomas will have to be featured more in the passing game since Sims-Walker won't be 100%. Thomas is also listed as probable on the injury report, and saw limited time in practice due to a hammy. He'll definitely play, although we'll see if he's as quick as usual.

- R. Allen has been in for "Country" Ingram a number of times this season. It's been astounding watching this first-year undrafted player develop over the course of the season.

- Clint Ingram's days with the team may be numbered. He hasn't played a top-notch game all season, and the team will desperately need him to show us the run-stopping prowess he was known for in the past.

- Montavious Stanley may see his first start of the season as a result of John Henderson being doubtful. He's played great when providing respite for Big John, or  "Pot Roast". Now, we'll need to see if Stanley can be this team's next Rob Meier. This could be a huge game for the 28 year old. He should be in his prime, and we's going to need to show it this week. The Dolphins starting Center Jake Grove is doubtful, and his absence could help alleviate the loss of Big John, should he sit out.

- Torry Holt, Mike Thomas, or Nate Hughes must step up and help out Garrard. We'll need to run short passes due to both the pass-rush and the expected inclement weather. The deep ball will be a risky move.

- Dirk Koetter should focus on featuring the TE's this game. That's the textbook way to go in poor weather against a great run defense. The Jaguars have great TE's this year, and hopefully Dirk will feature Zach Miller a little more, as his speed can't be matched by LB's.

- MJD must be featured at all costs. Run screens, run tosses, run up the middle. Don't let the Dolphins dictate your decisions in regards to running.

- Garrard must be better than Henne. Henne can throw the deep ball well, which can sometimes keep teams from stacking the box to heavily against the run. The rain may negate that and allow the Jaguars to incorportate more a a run focused defense.

- If Mathis is back, look for the Jaguars to employ less nickel defense. The number four rushing offense is in town, it is going to rain, and you need all the meat at the line you can find.

- Look for our rookie tackles to show up big. They're facing to aging veterans in Porter and Taylor. When you get old, sometimes you start to lose it in December. Eben and Eugene need to shut 'em down for the Jaguars to succeed.

- The interior line has underwhelmed all season long. However, this game is a good one to get back on track, as the Dolphins will be without their starting NT. Meester and Manuwai should be watched closely to see if they still have the power at this time of the season to run up the gut. Uche has been known to make mental errors and get confused occasionally. Against a 3-4 he'll have to be on his toes and making sure he isn't committing the cardinal sin of blocking air

- In the rain, anything can happen. Now's the time to earn respect.

-Collin Streetman