Wind Sprints Week 14: The Fish That Got Away Edition



Herman Melville was a Jaguar fan based on his beard. He was also familiar with battling fish. OK...mammals.

I can only imagine what is was like to listen on the radio as your Jaguars fought for victory. As Josh Scobee launched that opening kick you knew a battle was commencing. Melville could've penned this quote specifically to capture the atmosphere of this game.

At last the anchor was up, the sails were set, and off we glided. It was a sharp, cold Christmas; and as the short northern day merged into night, we found ourselves almost broad upon the wintry ocean, whose freezing spray cased us in ice, as in polished armor.

Enjoy these kernels from the "deepest" caverns of my mind.

  • What some may miss is the growth of Jack Del Rio. He said all the right things in the post-game press conference. More than that his body language and tone of voice did not contradict his words. I believe he has a feel for the team and the team trusts him.
  • My north endzone seats afforded me a spectacular view of David Garrard's perfect deep pass to Torry Holt. I have learned that these seats are the best if you like to really watch a play develop.
  • A horse, a horse. Youthful Holt legs for a horse.
  • Before catching myself, I wanted to blame any number of people for this loss. I think they just got beat be a better team. Not too much better.
  • Great call on fourth and one at your own 35, but were you setting up the outside run play for three and a half quarters Dirk?
  • Of all the plays, this is the one that stands out the most. What if Ernest Wilford doesn't slip on third and eight after catching the five yard pass?
  • I know the chances were slim to pull out a victory but David cannot hold onto that ball and take a game clinching sack.
  • The first half was a clinic on how to out muscle your opponent by the Miami offensive line.
  • The second half was a clinic on how to fight back by the Jacksonville defensive line. Vince Lombardi would be proud.
  • "Fatigue makes cowards of us all." Vince Lombardi
  • If you ever question how important a pass rush is, watch this football game. Chad Henne was a different quarterback once he lost time to go through his progressions.
  • I thought the linebacking corps played a great game today. When the front four were getting nothing done the boys behind them stepped up.
  • Additionally, the Jaguar defensive backs showed that they will make plays if not asked to cover for 7-10 seconds.
  • Can someone tell me why Tyron Brackenridge was backpeddaling in the end zone on the throw to Ricky Williams that gained a first down on the one yard line?
  • I think I need to quote Camus, again. "We must imagine Sysiphus happy." I will tell you why. Here are some of the names who made the plays yesterday on defense: Harvey, Groves, Cox, Knighton and Alexander.
  • For anyone who thinks teal is not a "masculine" color, you must have never seen a Dolphin fan wearing that obnoxious orange.
  • On that note, the Dolphin fans I experienced were great.
  • Apart from couples who were Jaguars\Dolphins, the second most frequent combination was Cowboys\Dolphins. And there were quite a few.
  • I know you're proud of your team but wearing their jersey to the stadium when they are not playing is a bit dorky.
  • Even with the number of Miami fans at the game, when the Jaguars had the ball (for the most part) the stadium was very silent.
  • Two things I loved seeing at the game: 1) full parking lots and 2) more people wanting to buy than sell tickets.
  • So I'm not totally over the wanting to blame someone. I really want to know what Dirk was thinking. The impression I took was that he believed Miami was simply faster than Jacksonville.
  • You want creative playcalling? Miami's Dan Henning ran reverses, play action, sweeps and mis-direction with a high degree of success.
  • Wayne Weaver must really be hurting for cash as it appears the Jaguars had to play in sneakers. I'm taking up a collection to buy cleats so this team will have an equal advantage on wet turf.
  • Back to the advantage of my seats. I had the pleasure of watching Greg Jones direct two players, cut to his left and make one heck of a tackle on a Miami punt return. He may never realize his full potential at running back but the kid is a football player.
  • I have praised you Derek Harvey but there were a few times yesterday where you bit on reverses, misdirection and play action.
  • Considering the fourth quarter defensive collapse in New York, yesterday's second half defensive recovery is nothing short of amazing. Miami had the ball eight minutes longer in the first half and 11 for the game, yet it was the second half in which the Jaguars defense stepped up.
  • I loved the quarterback draw on fourth and three late in the game. What was Brad Meester doing on that play? Who was supposed to block Randy Starks? Maybe the better question is were there 11 men on the field because it seemed Brad was playing center and left guard. Care to respond Vince Manuwai?
  • We really do miss Rashean Mathis. He is the only real ball hawk the team has. They will need him on Thursday.
  • Looking ahead to New England, I say we press cover any wideout they have. Randy Moss isn't the concern, it is Wes Welker.
  • Some of the best football of the year was on television Saturday. Montana against Villanova this coming weekend should not be missed.
  • The Division II game with NW Missouri State and Grand Valley State was just as entertaining.
  • NW Missouri State's QB Blake Bolles looked like he could play D-1 football.
  • I absoultely love the ESPN College Football Playoffs Simulator. If you haven't used it you're missing out.
  • On my first run, using the ESPN Power Rankings option, TCU beat UF for the National Championship.
  • Not sure I'll ever get used to the amount of hate that some will write and speak about when it comes to an award like the Heisman. Loved seeing five finalists. I was pulling for Toby Gerhart but I am happy for Mark Ingram.
  • As misguided as it may be, I feel really good about this Thursday's game against the Colts. If nothing else to see where this team is compared to one of the best.

- Brian Fullford

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