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Greg Jones - Get Well Soon - We want you back!


It is the fourth quarter. Jaguars down 14-10.  Maurice busts a run off the left side for 13 yards. We are on the Miami 39 yard line.  The call goes to Maurice off the right side. Greg Jones comes out to engage Joey Porter. Maurice is caught in the backfield by the inside linebacker Channing Crowder. It looks like Channing got by Vince Manuwai. As Maurice is wrapped up, he rolls up on Greg Jones leg.  Maurice knows what happened. Greg jumps to his feet and puts pressure on the leg and buckles.  He signals to the sidelines for help.  Del Rio is there.  This is serious and everyone knows it. Greg is helped from the field and sits for awhile and then is almost carried to the locker room. 

When a player can't put weight on the leg it is serious. We all know what Greg Jones means to this team.  We all know how he tore the ACL a few years back and rehabed himself wonderfully. Even with a dedicated effort of training, it took a year to come back fully.  Greg Jones means a lot to us all. Someday we will have to say goodbye to Greg as a Jaguar.  I believe I speak for us all saying we hope that day wasn't last Sunday.  Get well Greg, we want to see you return, and soon!

- Terry O'Brien