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Autopsy of an Offensive Failure.

In the final four possessions of the Miami game, the Jaguars did not move the ball at all.  Sometimes they passed, sometimes they ran, but at no time did they score.  It was not a good quarterback performance and may not have been good play calling.  Here are some examples of what I saw.  The disclaimer is this, I am a guy with a season ticket and a camera. I am not a guy with access to the coaches box and all the information Dirk and Jack have.  What I mean to say is this, take what I write with a grain of salt.  It may be right, it may not be.  Read it and you decide.

It is deep in the third quarter, 2 minutes and 30 seconds left to play, third and five from our own 29 yard line. David has a screen set up to Maurice with Marcedes, Eben and Uche ready to seal the sidelines. Instead David goes to Mike Thomas and the pass is incomplete. We punt. Could David have hit Maurice? I don't think he considered it. He set up to his left the entire time. Is Maurice yelling "C'mon Man!"


The next series featured Maurice up the middle three times. Miami knew it was coming because our jumbo formation was in. Look at the Dolphins fire off the line. There was no chance for Maurice to gain a yard in this situation. This is a major problem for the Jaguars. If we don't move the defensive line, we don't gain any yards.  Miami played real physical and I don't know why we thought a six man front was going to be moved backwards.


This is the final series and it is fourth and three.  Dirk calls for David to run up the middle in a quarterback draw.  The frustrating thing for all of us in the stands was no one was able to stop the Miami defensive line from getting in the backfield.  The only thing that might have worked was play action pass to Marcedes or Torry doing his vanishing move to the sidelines.  This play had no chance as you can see.


 If Maurice couldn't gain three yards up the middle, David wasn't going to either.  Uche got eaten by the rush up the middle. I don't like this play calling.

So in the debate whether it was play calling or execution, I think the failure to win this game was both. On those times when David had a good play called, he missed the opportunity.  In other times the plays called weren't going to work no matter what.  In general though, Miami was more physical than we were. I wish we made the Dolphins look like we looked in this picture.


Despite all of this, we almost won this game.  The rebuilding isn't done and may never be completely done, but if we can shore up the offensive line and find a good safety, I think we are getting close.  To be honest, I want to go to the playoffs with power.  I want to buy a seat to the playoffs.  A sixth wild-card position is an accomplishment and one to be proud of. I want the Division title and a home playoff game.  That is my wish. 

So all of you get to see the game on television this Thursday, HuRahhh!  I'll wave to you all from my seats, wave back!. 

- Terry O'Brien