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Eben Misses a Block

This is the last of my game analysis photo journal.  If we had a longer week, I would show how much we missed Rashean Mathis. Tyron Brackenridge was victimized by Chad Henning and was the leading tackler for a reason. I like Tyron, he is learning, but will be very glad to see Rashean back. This series will show how much more Eben Britton needs to improve. I have faith in him and trust during the off season he will work on his game, but the loss to Miami was not all David as you will see.  

This is the sequence where it is third down and four from the Miami 47 yard line, the two minute warning has just ended.  We are losing 14-10 and must score a touchdown.  Eben Britton and Maurice are sent out alone to the right side. This is good play calling and should work. That is rookie corner-back Vonte Davis for Miami. Based on what I saw in this game, he is a much better candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year than Brian Cushing.  In this critical play, if Eben takes Vonte out, Maurice gets the first down and our hopes stay alive.


  This is perfect position. One big push and Vonte should go flying.  Take him out Eben.


I don't know what kind of move Vonte pulls here, but it looks like it was drawn from a comic book. Somehow he goes down and under Eben in a some kind of flying move (notice he and Eben are off the ground), and manages to get an arm on Maurice. Eben is blocking air.


Not only does Vonte get an arm on Maurice, he brings him down.  That saves the game for Miami and in my eyes qualifies him as quite a player.  Eben actually blocks no one in this play. He whiffed.  It goes without saying Eben needs to improve especially since run blocking is the strongest part of his game.


Here is the lesson we are learning, rookies are an investment for the future. The fact that we are getting as much productivity as we do from the rookies and are posting wins says a lot.  When Eben and Eugene round out their skills and Derek Cox moves up a level, the strength of the team improves.  I have been reading and hearing how David took all the blame for the loss.  Not true.  It was a team loss and it will be a team win.  I am still happy with the progress of this team. I am ready to renew my season tickets right now. The growth of the rookies has been a joy to watch. Marcedes, Harvey, and soon the offensive line.  Good football is on it's way.  See you on Thursday.

 - Terry O'Brien