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Colts @Jacksonville - The view from the Stadium

 Make no mistake about it, the Colts wanted this game. Although Dwight Freeney didn't start, he came in on a number of series to try and shut us down.  When I have more time, I will document how much Eugene Monroe has developed as a left tackle.  He has become an amazingly good player, but that is later. We played the Colts even up and take away the return for a touchdown and we might have won this game.  I would have to say special teams let us down once and Eben Britton and Reggie Nelson let the team down with poor performances. Other than that, it was a good game. Since you all saw the game on TV, you know the story. Let's look a little deeper.

I don't know what the offensive line did during the week but the fire was back and Maurice had fresh legs again.  The only guy I don't like is Eben Britton.  He needs a lot of work in figuring out what should be happening.  This is your opening drive and if Eben blocks Brock, Drew is free.  Nope, didn't happen.  Maurice got his 100 yards but surprisingly a lot of runs went to the left, Eugene's side. That is Brock Bolen taking out two Colt defensive guys.


 David got nailed on this play and no one blocked. Eugene thought it was Maurice that picks up a blitz but Maurice never moved.  I think this is rookie development. This resulted in a field goal.


Somehow I think Reggie thinks he is playing soccer. He doesn't use his hands anymore.  This is him on a blitz doing that side blocking stuff again.


This is Reggie on the Dallas Clark touchdown.  Again, notice the lack of arms and hands.


Of course stopping Peyton Manning requires a super human effort so Derek Cox has been working on learning to fly.  Once he masters this technique, he will be a pro bowl player. Speaking of pro bowl players, it was good to see Rashean back in the game. He had 5 tackles, but his presence changes the game.


Again Eben Britton gets beat.  David took a pounding this game and came back each time.  Well almost each time. The final drive was not clutch.


David may have had a bad final drive, but on this throw to Mike Thomas he was being hit again. It was a good performance for three quarters.  But we needed the fourth quarter to win. With Mike getting his first touchdown, that leaves only Torry Holt shut out this year so far.


The Jaguars are playing in a tough division with rookies. We have come a long way.  Let's pray we don't have any serious injuries in the last two games.  In short, we almost had fireworks in the stadium last night.


And that ends the 2009 season at the Stadium, 5-3 at home.  We are so very close.

 - Terry O'Brien