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Eben Britton has a lot to learn

 I bought into the press releases that Eben Britton was doing better than Eugene Monroe. My camera showed me it was true in preseason. However I took over 2,500 shots of game action for the last three home games. Eugene Monroe is a fantastic player and has developed into a potential pro-bowl player. I will detail that later.

I wanted to show Eben Britton. As I reviewed the film, one thing stood out over and over again. Eben Britton was missing or not holding blocks. I showed you the Vonte Davis tackle of Maurice to seal the Miami game. Eben was blocking air as Maurice went down.  Here is a short video of Eben during the Colts game.

You look at it and tell me if he doesn't have a lot to learn. My premise is this... if Eugene has indeed developed into a good left tackle, and if Eben can improve at right tackle, we still need a couple of fixes at guard and center to have real power in the line. I do want to provide caution in thinking the Jaguars offensive line problems are almost solved since we drafted bookend tackles, Eben still has a lot to learn!

- Terry O'Brien