Wind Sprints Week 15: The Holiday Edition

I was away on a cruise and couldn't write. When I came back my inbox was flooded wondering where my weekly column of rapid thoughts was. Fear not. You'll now be able to sleep soundly having read the obvious, apathetic and the lambent.

  • I'm very curious to see if there will be any hangover from the Thursday loss to the Colts. Thankfully they'll have a lot of time to deal with it.
  • Some of my best memories with my son have been at footbal games. Two of the top five have been Jaguars loses and that Colts game was one of them.
  • I doubt they read this site but if any of the adult "experts" in section 204 rows L, M and N do this one is for you. Do you realize how stupid you sound saying how much Garrard sucks when he is all but matching Manning's performance?
  • I am starting to lose my faith in Derrick Harvey. I saw him handled by a back up tackle using only one arm to keep him out of the backfield.
  • The one thing that strikes me about Reggie Nelson's play is that he isn't as physical. It is almost like after his rookie season they told him the way he played at UF would get him too many penalties in the NFL. He should've laid into Dallas Clark on that 3rd quarter interception.
  • How are Brandon Jacobs and Albert Haynesworth not suspended for the remainder of the regular season?
  • I am asked at least once a week what I think about the Jaguars drafting Tim Tebow to generate ticket sales. My response: how many people won't buy them because Tebow is drafted? And the more important question is where would you draft him.
  • Maybe I was right about the inevitable Brett Favre late season collapse.
  • Is anyone else starting to question whether Mark Sanchez and Matt Stafford can be successful?
  • This one is for the "Why should I care?" pile. I am set to repeat as champion in my fantasy football league. Thank you Aaron Rodgers.
  • Nice article by Jon on the last decade of the Jaguars. One glaring ommission was the release of Keenan McCardell for worst offseason move.
  • Wouldn't you just love to see the Jaguars clinch a playoff spot on the same field where the bottle throwing incident took place?
  • If there is going to be criticism for Del Rio annually changing assistant coaches then let's be fair and ask Gene if rotating players in and out during a playoff run could have a negative impact.
  • Staying on Del Rio, it is high time these opposing fans started evaluting him on where he is now and not where he was.
  • Now is the time to send five to six guys while playing playing the cornerbacks tight on the line. I can't take another sit back and wait approach to defending a Hall of Fame quarterback.
  • After watching the Titans\Dolphins game I am more impressed with how the defense played that day.
  • Does anyone give a better interview than Tom Coughlin? I honestly expect him to say "What do you think, dumb a**?" to some of those questions.
  • Rest in peace, George Michael. Before I had cable you were my source.
  • If you were offended by anything Fred Taylor said you take things too personally.
  • Best Christmas song: Happy Xmas (War is Over)
  • Best Christmas movie: Love Actually
  • Best Christmas animated show: The Year Without a Santa Claus
  • Traffic may be hectic and the stores may be crowded, but please try to smile.
  • Thank you, Wayne Weaver, for the gift of football in Jacksonville

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