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Grading Eugene Monroe

 As promised, here is the pictorial analysis of Eugene Monroe.  Sometimes I go over the top in either my praise or criticism, I know this about myself. But as I looked over the 2,500 pictures from the last three home games, I noticed a number of interesting developments. One was Eben Britton wasn't playing up to his press and I reported that.  The other was Eugene Monroe hasn't been getting enough press.  I saw some amazing plays he was pulling off.  I wanted to go to press with this news, but waited until the Colts game and the rematch with Dwight Freeney.  Dwight feasted on Eugene early in the season so I was curious about this meeting. My jaw dropped as I reviewed the battle between the two of them. I looked at the photos over and over just to be sure.  To me there is no mistake, Eugene Monroe has developed into a top NFL Left Tackle.  I am going so far as to say two things:

1) Eugene Monroe will be a pro bowl caliber tackle. He may already be that.

2) Eugene Monroe is the best first round draft pick of the Del Rio era.

OK, I know I go over the top, so I am asking you to look at what I saw. The meeting with Dwight Freeney is here as well as other plays.  You tell me, am I nuts or is this guy a major player?  Merry Christmas and enjoy the video, it is best in full screen mode.


 - Terry O'Brien