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Comcast Presents: Is this 2006 all over again?


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I'm not quite when the flashbacks began. It may have been when David Garrard over threw an open Marcedes Lewis, leaving him out to dry for a hit that could send him on IR. Or it may have been David's 3rd quarter interception that helped get him become the NFL's leader in red zone turnovers. I kept thinking of David's pick six to Pac-Man Jones and his horrible performance against Kansas City to end the 2006 season.

In 2006, the Jaguars were 8-5 coming off a big win against divisional rival Indianapolis that set up a seemingly easy win and in scenario. Then David Garrard went from city hero to zero and the Jaguars dropped three games in the process.

In 2009, the Jaguars were 7-5 coming off a big win against divisional rival Houston that set up another win and in scenario. While the schedule wasn't as favorable, the Jaguars had two very winnable games against the Dolphins and Browns in their four game stretch.

Instead, the Jaguars lost three straight and are now reduced to playing out the string against the Browns. However, is this 2006 all over again, just a superficial resemblance, or somewhere in between?


On the whole, I don't believe this is 2006 all over again. The Jaguars were at the top of their game in 2006 with a great defense and a powerful running game. It was the best example of what Jack Del Rio wanted the Jaguars to be, and ranks with the 2000 team as the most disappointing in team history.

The 2009 squad on the other hand has undeniably over achieved. This was a team that most felt was destined for another Top 10 pick and have managed to make it with in shooting distance of .500. That is without any consistent pass rush, running lanes, and other things.

However, this is 2006 all over again from David Garrard. David won the hearts and minds of Jacksonville after he took over for Byron Leftwich in 2006. It was to the point it seemed Leftwich was already gone from Jacksonville. Then he put together his worst three game stretch as a starter and we all saw how things went.

This year, Garrard faltered when the Jaguars needed him most. The defense played it's heart out against the Dolphins, holding them to 14 points. Yet the Jaguars couldn't muster any points despite starting multiple drives in excellent field position in the second half.

Regardless of how he played for the first three quarters against Indy, he will be remembered for choking in the 4th quarter. First for not being able to extend the Jaguars lead, and then throwing the game clinching interception.

And to cap it off, just as in 2006, Garrard just had a plain stinker of a game to end it.

When the Jaguars head to Cleveland on Sunday, they will knowing they let the playoffs slip through their hands. David Garrard will know it was perhaps just his hands (well, and Reggie Nelson's) that are to blame.