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Jaguars defeat Texans 23-18 in a mistake filled game

Some games simply defy logic, and this game would be one of them. The Jaguars defeated the Texans in a game seemingly neither wanted to win, based on the bizarre mix of miscues and turnovers. However, all that matters is that the Jaguars are 7-5 and still in control of their destiny in the AFC's Wild Card race.

The play of the game was undoubtably Derrick Harvey sacking Houston QB Matt Schaub on Houston's first offensive play. The play resulted in Schaub seperating his shoulder and missing the majority of the first half. Backup QB Rex Grossman came in and lead the Texans offense straight into the gutter, posting a 5.6 QB rating in the process.

The Jaguars used this to their advantage and managed to build a 17-0 lead before Schaub managed to return. However, the Jaguars had their own fair share of issues. Maurice Jones-Drew was stuffed on consecutive runs at the goal line that cost the Jaguars seven points.

When Matt Schaub return to the game, the Texans offense went into high gear. He led the Texans quickly downfield and got them within 17-7 to end the half.

The second half was where the game began to turn into the surreal. Maurice Jones-Drew slipped in the Jaguars end zone resulting in a safety, and then the usually sure handed Mike Thomas fumbled a punt inside the Jaguars 20.

However, the Jaguars defense played perhaps it's best sixty minutes of the season, without Rashean Mathis no less. The Jaguars held following the Thomas fumble and forced the Texans to settle for three points. Gerald Alexander gets a game ball for playing perhaps the best game any player has had in the secondary.

The moment of the game that will be the most talked about had yet to come, though. Half way through the 4th quarter the Texans had a 1st and goal on the Jaguars four yard line. Coach Gary Kubiak decided to throw a half back pass that would be intercepted by Gerald Alexander.

Simply put, I can't explain how or why that play happened other than it's the Houston Texans. Despite the Texans getting a late touchdown, it was clear the game was over after the interception.

With the Oakland Raiders beating the Steelers, the Jaguars have a major lead over most of their other playoff competitors. This sets up a major game next week against the Miami Dolphins. A win over the Dolphins, along with a very winnable game against Cleveland to end the year, would mean at worst the Jaguars would have a winning record in 2009.