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Texans@Jacksonville...The view from the Stadium in Pictures (Pt 1)

I took my camera to the game and captured some of the action. Rather than give a complete recap, I thought I would show an interesting drive the Jags put on.  Before I do, let me say it was a fantastic game and I will write more later.  Forget the errors, forget everything, it was a dominating win with contributions from everyone.  Game ball... Derrick Harvey.  Argue if you want, he laid down the law early, set the tone, and shut things down all day. More later...

Here are pictures of an interesting drive featuring nothing but Tight-Ends. Nate Hughes had caught the TD. The defense played great and forced a punt, and now it was show-time for the Tight-Ends.  Zack Miller breaks free for 62 yards based on a great play and great blocking by Top Dog Tight End Marcedes Lewis.  Later, Tight End Ernest Wilford completes the score.  The play calling was excellent and I wanted to show how it all developed.

Zack Miller (left) gives a good indication he is staying home to protect David. Torry, Mike, and Marcedes are clearing out the backfield. Brian Cushing is guarding the middle.

After the jump, l'll show a great series of pictures capturing the action.   


Before Brian can react, Zack breaks over the middle and David delivers the ball.



Brian Cushing makes a fatal error here by not running through Zack. He reaches and goes off balance.



Marcedes sees the situation and sends out a dog-whistle command to Zack to hit the sidelines.


Marcedes is getting ready to go bowling.


That's Brice McCain, the Houston CB who holds his balance.  Brian Cushing is still in first gear. Marcedes has done his job.



Finally Brice catches Zack. Either Zack Miller is really fast or Brian Cushing is really slow.  That match-up, Brian Cushing over Zack Miller must have been one the Jaguars wanted real bad. Based on what I am seeing here, I am wondering about that Defensive Rookie of the Year claim by Cushing.

Here is resulting touchdown play.  It should make Jonathan proud, a red zone score!



Notice the misdirection. David is going to his right, but the touchdown is going to Ernest Wilford who is breaking to the left.


Maurice sneaks out of the backfield. Guess who the linebackers are going to cover? Look at Monroe seal the block.



You can see Wilford on the goal line. Mike Simm Walker breaks for the corner. Maurice on the goal line. David has a lot of options and picks Ernest.



 It is a game of inches.  Brian Cushing can only watch. Good thing Maurice didn't decide to block.