Wind Sprints Week 13


Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.
Vince Lombardi

  • Vince, I promise you I am not going to quit on this team.
  • 36,000? I honestly think it was less than that. I'm sick inside and when I see Dan Hicken on TV saying this is not going to keep this team in Jacksonville I know "they" know something is being discussed.
  • I hope the National Media rips this city for the lack of attendance.
  • Derek Cox was a joy to watch. There were a few plays where Andre Johnson looked like he was wearing a teal jersey.
  • Along those lines, can we begin cutting the secondary, on the whole, some slack? No Rashean Mathis and we saw big plays by Alexander, Brackenridge and Nelson. Amazing what QB pressure will do.
  • As usual we have at least one "wrap up Reggie" play. No reason Andre Johnson catches that ball across the middle and runs to the goal line, Nelson.
  • Unless you were at the game you won't be able to appreciate how hard Matt Schaub worked to complete a good number of his passes.
  • Lost my voice about mid-way through the third quarter. Feels good.
  • Fourth and inches...quarterback sneak. Do not hand the ball off three yards in the backfield.
  • As Grossman walks onto the field I told my friend this seals the victory. The guy behind me says, "You must not be a Gator." Thank you, sir, for validating the perception that this is a college town.
  • Your best value for food in the stadium is a Burrito Gallery burrito. No, I did not get paid for that plug.
  • Alabama should destroy Texas. That was a dominating performance and fun to watch. I was pulling for Florida but you have to appreciate the level of execution Saban's team exhibited.
  • This is the last time I'll offer an opinion about Tebow as a college athlete. The kid loves being a Gator and he competes with his heart. Anyone who needs to kick this kid for crying needs a character check.
  • I'm sure no one will knock Bobby Bowden for not addressing the media for fear he might break down.
  • Oh, I like the Gators but I am a UCLA Bruin so losing is nothing new to me.
  • I know you hated it ACC but FSU in the Gator Bowl is the right thing to do. Thank you for fielding some of the greatest teams I've ever watched, Bobby.
  • For the many of you who missed the game, that was the most AWESOME fly over ever! I swear I saw the pilot touch the scoreboard with his hand.
  • Yeah, it was that close.
  • My heart goes out to the Texans fans. Your team is less than a handful of plays from 9-3.
  • There was a guy wearing shorts and a 12th Man tank top at the game. Really?
  • This stat really floored me. Only eight TD passes by David going into today's game. Only two, Lewis (2) and Walker (6), owned those.
  • How about Nate Hughes and Ernest Wilford!!!!!!!
  • I'd like to thank every woman who attended this weekend's game in knee high black boots. It made the game about 10 degrees warmer.
  • So Oakland can travel to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers but the Jaguars can't travel to Seattle or San Francisco and win at least one of those games?
  • And on that note, I don't ever want to hear someone say one player does not make a difference on defense.Troy Polamalu picks off at least one of those Gradkowski ducks.
  • If you haven't seen The Blind Side you must. I haven't been affected by a sports movie like that since Remember the Titans.
  • Of all the fans I've watched games with at our stadium, Dolphin fans by far have been the worst. I expect next weekend to be nasty in the stands, and possibly a 70\30 ratio.
  • Robert Meachem's strip and TD return of an INT by Kareem Moore was one of the better plays you'll see.
  • I am irrationally superstitious about sports. I'll stay in the bathroom if my team does well while I'm there (2007 playoff game against the Steelers.) I've only been able to attend three home games and they've won all three. I can't explain the other two wins but remember, I'm irrational.
  • Four sacks and nine QB hurries. One sack there were 4 Texans over David. So much for that offense only meeting.
  • Call me crazy but I think Drew Brees stole Tom Brady's secret bag of victory magic.
  • No one seems to want to cut Josh Scobee anymore.
  • Mack Brown, I don't care what lip service you our your quarterback try to give us. The end of that game would have made us all forget the name Les Miles.
  • The stats don't show it but Groves played bigger than two tackles and one QB hurry.
  • We were small in number but we were loud and today was perfect football weather.

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