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RUMOR: Sports talk radio says something untrue.

[Note by River City Rage, 02/10/09 7:33 PM EST ]: Ok, let's clear things up.  I was told by someone I respect in the field of sports that a Jacksonville Sports Talk Radio show spoke about trade details between the Cardinals and the Jaguars.  I posted here to see if anyone who might be in the area might have heard that.  I did not, as implied on the message boards, say that I heard that the Jaguars were going after Anquan.  If I was unclear, I apologize.  [/ rant]

[Note by River City Rage, 02/10/09 1:41 PM EST ]: Nothing Substantiated.  Just Talk Radio Nonsense.

Question: Did anyone hear anything on Jacksonville Sports Radio yesterday or today about anything regarding the Jagaurs and Anquan Boldin?  I heard about something from a very indirect source and I'd like to track down what station and which show said it.