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Better Know a Draft Prospect: Southern Cal Quarterback Mark Sanchez


Brought on in part by Tkopa's previous article, we are looking today at the near consensus #2 QB prospect in the draft, Mark Sanchez. For those not in the know and having abit of a head scratcher, I'm not saying we'll be drafting Sanchez to replace Garrard in April. Sanchez is more of a means to an end, and that end is trading out of the #8 spot if we don't feel there is a player worth the boatloads of cash that goes with picking at that spot.

Sanchez was only a one year starter for the Trojans, but that year was an impressive one. Sanchez tossed 34 touchdowns to only 10 interceptions, and lead the Trojans to another blowout Rose Bowl win. Sanchez started slow, culminating in USC's infamous loss to Oregon St. However, after that Sanchez hit his stride.

Mark was a surprise entrant into the draft, with even USC head coach Pete Carroll questioning his decision to leave. His decision to leave along with Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford's equally shocking decision to not leave has made Sanchez the #2 QB in the draft.

So then, how does he fit into the Jaguars plans?

Video Killed The Scouting Report

According to the Experts


Walter Football: High upside, great mobility, quick release

Football Jungle: Has the size and athleticism you look for in a quarterback. Tremendous mechanics and footwork. Steve Sarkisian (USC’s former offensive coordinator) said of Sanchez that he is the hardest working quarterback he’s ever coached.

NFL Draft Scout: Ascending talent who reads the defenses well, great at going through the progressions



What role does he play in the Jaguars future?

Simple, right now Mark Sanchez is looking at being picked in the 16-20 range in the draft. However, if (I think when) he gets hot at the combine and USC's Pro Day, he'll make his way into the Top 5-10.

Now, that would put the Chiefs and Lions into consideration for him. Assuming those two teams pass up on him, the next team who will be wanting to take a young quarterback? Most likely the 49ers at the #10 pick. The Alex Smith experiment has failed and JT O'Sullivan isn't taking them to the promised land. With the Jaguars at #8, they would be in the perfect position to trade out to a team who would want to get Sanchez. Who would that be? The two team's most likely to want to go in are

1. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings have a history of making "Big" moves to try and get ahead, and the constant gripe against them last year was that they lacked a quarterback.In addition, they also pick after the Lions again. So even if the Lions pass on a QB with the #1 pick, if Sanchez was available at #20, I would guarantee he would be motor city bound.

2. New York Jets: The 2008 season for the Jets was essentially a wash. They may look to bring in Jeff Garcia to be a stand in, but that would be essentially the same situation they had this past season with Favre.

And then of course there is the absurd idea the Jaguars take Sanchez and essentially random him off to the highest bidder.

So what do you think BCC?