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Jags Wars: A New Hope, or Revenge of the Sith?

James Harris (AP Photo/Joe Raymond)James Harris as Mace Windu: Head of Jedi-Counsel

Shack Harris' Jedi counsel is disbanded:

Shack Harris was the epitome of a noble Jedi, much like Mace WIndu. He never judged a player based on their past, and as a result, he drafted and signed some players of questionable character throughout his tenure. This Jedi always believed in redemption.

Shack always sought consensus on decisions, and would convene a meeting of the Jedi Counsel prior to making any major decisions. Mace Windu viewed democracy as the way to lead an army, refusing to implement any major changes without unanimous support from his counsel-members. Mace was a major voice, but never stepped out on his own, much like Shack.

His inability to make swift and decisive moves lead to his downfall and death at the hands of Emperor Palpatine. the removal of Shack (Mace) from power opened the door for Palpatine to seize complete control of the Empire, and soon the entire galaxy.

-Collin Streetman